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I am a professional dance artist in New York City.


My career encompasses every aspect of my art form:

I perform, I choreograph, and I teach.



My mission is:

to make a positive difference, create great art,

bring people together, redefine things a bit, expand notions,

advocate learning, connect some dots, foster growth,

channel this creative flow, inspire some along the way, 

and enjoy every bit of the experience.

What is Contemporary Ballet?

It is a genre of dance that allows for the merging of styles and movement concepts

for the sake of freedom of expression.

It encourages creativity and articulation.

It accommodates  physicality and finesse.

It celebrates virtuosity and sensitivity. 

It honors the superhuman and the super human. 

Most of all, it requires we have the courage to take what we know and express something with it: 

Expressing something that is a reflection of your time on this earth, your generation, and your self,

Staying healthy, cherishing individuality, and being open to learning,

Learning from others, collaborating, and building,

Building upon past artists and being part of the artistic evolution,

An evolution revisiting beauty and truth, and uncovering the hidden language that dance possesses to lift the human spirit. 

You see, Contemporary Ballet is more than a genre of movement.

It is a philosophy, a lifestyle, and a reason to dance.

Contemporary Ballet is YOU.

Contemporary Ballet is US.

Contemporary Ballet is HERE and NOW.

To me, dance is like one big pile of mud.

And like a sculptor, I like to take dance and shape it to create something beautiful.  

But sometimes I want to be the mud. I want turn my body into something else and move in ways I have yet to discover. 

Other times I want to study the mud like a scientist and look at it under a microscope. I want to learn how it works and learn about every particle.  

At times I want to jump into a mud pit and immerse myself completely in mud. I want to know what it feels like and I want to experience it with the totality of my being. 

Often I want to take the mud and organize it into an obstacle course of sorts– just to watch the beauty of its descent as it makes its way through twists and turns, and allows the force of gravity to make it move.

Some days I want to take the mud and use it as a treatment. I want to see how it improves my appearance and cleanses my soul. I want to let it help me reach a better version of myself. 

And once in a while I want to clean all the mud off just so I can jump into it all over again, except with refreshed eyes and anticipation. 

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